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Drag Conveyors

Drag Conveyors are designed and engineered to provide long life and durability with minimum maintenance. Fully enclosed, dust‐tight, and quiet operations assures fast, gentle movement of bulk materials. Extra heavy chain features UHMW polyethylene faced flights for positive flow and reduced friction.

  • We manufacture following types of Drag Conveyors :
  • Flat Bottom
  • Round Bottom

Drag conveyors are used to handle bulk materials in many industries. They are very similar to scraper conveyors both in function and the types of materials handled. Drag chains normally run in the material on the bottom of the conveyor trough. Several drag chain strands, operating side by side in a trough are very common in this type of conveyors and are used for heavy loading and unloading.

These types of conveyors are used to handle abrasive bulk material such as sand, coal, ashes, coke and cement. They are also used to handle other materials such as sawdust and wood chips. In fact they can be used to convey just about any bulk material that can be discharged by gravity.

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