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Belt Conveyor

Flat Belt Conveyor Systems are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements, whether it's a mezzanine floor Belt conveyor or a level belt conveyor.

It is mostly used for transporting light and medium-weight loads between different units of a company like operations, departments, levels, and buildings.

Flat belt conveyor system is used when the transportation of goods is required to be moved in incline or decline position.

Our flat belt conveyor systems are used for Loading / Unloading Applications, Unit Transfers, Packaging & Warehouse Departments.

The system provides considerable control over the orientation and placement of the load.

The belt is roller or slider bed supported; the slider bed is used for small and irregularly shaped items.

In, flat belt conveyor the belt runs flat on the carrying side over straight roller type idler or set of idlers. They can also be used for lower capacity, low speed requirement and for handling unit goods or bulk material or small size and higher angle of repose.

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